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Your Angeleno Stories

Many of our wonderful guests have taken the time to share stories and photos of their time spent in Los Angeles while staying with us.
Please enjoy the showcase of stories below and feel free to submit your own, you may win a prize!

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Michelle Castillo

My best friend and I stayed at this hotel two weeks ago for her birthday. We had such a great time! This hotel is rad: free parking, free Wi-Fi and free wine! (Totally pre-gamed) We took an UBER to the Santa Monica promenade and were looking for a good place to dance. A security guard approached to see if we needed directions and we told him we were just looking for somewhere with good music. He then told us "You must be looking for the hidden salsa club?"...... UM YES! He directed us to the club and we literally danced the night away. It was such a spontaneous and fun night that we are still talking about it to all our friends. Oh yeah and we totally did In-N-Out at 1 am! I heard they are now doing an In-N-Out deal, we totally missed it, but we are looking to go back in a couple of months so I hope they still have the promotion going on. #myLAstory

Ray Wendelstedt

I come to your hotel frequently for UCLA business and love what you have done! I got an email about the In n Out gift card and that was right up may alley. THANK YOU ! This past stay. I had my In n Out fill and spent one evening down in Venice at the new Firestone/ Walker Brewery and pub. Relatively close and it was packed! Great spot where you can enjoy all the Firestone beers in flights, tastings ,, food was decent and was a great find in the area. I will be back My other days consisted of dinner in Brentwood at a pretty cool spot called The Tavern,, after hectic meetings on campus I usually head to Sonny Mc Cleans in Santa Monica, Sonnys is a very local irish bar with a leaning for all things Boston and Boston sports teams.. great beers on tap and a surprsingly good lobster roll. If you are looking for a local crowd that is really fun.. this is a great place. My last part of my story is the final day of relaxation to get 9 holes in at Rancho Golf Course. Rancho is close by as well , by the Fox studios and is a great course right in the middle of LA. That is my Angeleno story.......

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